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"Luciano likes to make ice cream for everyone"

You are welcome in one of our locations.
We want as many people as possible to enjoy our delicious ice cream. So we take into account all our guests. Do you have a special (dietary) wish, do you follow a vegan diet, do you have diabetes, a nut, - lactose, - and/or gluten allergy or a certain religion? Just tell our team. We can be sure that we can still make a delicious ice cream for you.

But we attach great importance to clear communication about our products anyway. For each ice cream flavour, we indicate which possible allergens the ice cream contains, but we go further! Our employees are trained to shovel cleanly. We ensure that ice cream with or without gluten, lactose or sugar does not come into contact with ice cream that does contain these substances. For example, shovel in a new place in the bin and we always use a clean, rinsed spoon.

In all kinds and flavors

Ice cream, yoghurt ice cream and milk ice cream contain cream and milk or yoghurt. This makes the ice cream nice and smooth and nice and creamy. Sorbet ice cream consists of fruit juice or fruit puree, water and sugar. Because sorbet ice cream does not contain any cream or milk components, it is not greasy. All our sorbet ice cream is also perfectly suited for a vegan diet.

Many types of ice cream we also have lactose and gluten free. In addition, Luciano currently offers 4 flavors of ice cream with no added sugars: Dark chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio and raspberry sorbet ice cream. These only contain product-specific sugars such as lactose or fructose. If you indicate your wishes in advance, our employees will always provide a suitable ice solution.

After all, who doesn't love a nice crunchy ice cream cone? But then we want to be able to sell them to everyone. That's why we also have delicious gluten and lactose-free ice cream cones!